Spoh 4 - Believe by Spoh
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Dark Iron ( Shadowburn )
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I was originally not going to release a fourth video, however since 2.0 came earlier than I expected, so I decided to start collecting footage. My main goal when creating each movie is to make it better than next and improve in all areas where possible whether itís flow, quality of the clips, cutscenes, effects, etc. All footage was obtained in 2.0, with the exception of a 1.12 clip.

This has been the longest project that I have worked on time wise thus far and I have spent a great deal of time between collecting footage, putting the film together, and everything in between. I would much rather take the time to release a finished product rather than rush a movie and waste peopleís time.

In this video you will find 1v1's, 1vN's, Flag Defense/Capture. There are a variety of clips including world pvp, arena, bgs, and duels. Also, a certain "infamous duo" makes a surprise appearance.

- Bongos (Bars)
- CEnemyCastBar
- Fontabulous
- Itemrack
- Nurfed (Unit Frames)
- OmniCC
- Tinytip

- Gear

- Keybinds

- .rar Format

A big thanks go out to all those who have given their feedback to this movie and my previous movies.

Enjoy and see you in TBC.
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