Spoh: True Form - Rank 14 Druid by Spoh
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Dark Iron ( Shadowburn )
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_-`Rank 14, 30/21 Hybrid PvP`-_

--- About the Movie ----------------------------
This is my second PvP movie and it is much different from the first one that I created. After the first movie that hadn't turned out to be all that, I took alot of the criticism to heart and started working on a second piece that people would enjoy. I bought more RAM so I could fraps full screen and I used Vegas 6 for editing. I've put alot of hard work and effort into this video so I could get a worthwhile piece out for the public eye.

The video itself has some 1v1's against similarly geared opponents, a duo section with 4v2, 5v2 and flag capture and also some group PvP. This is all topped off with 4v1 clip at the end.

My UI is also much different from before:

--- Mods -----------------------------------------
~ Archaeologist
~ Carnival PvP/Enemy Cast Bar
~ CastTime
~ Cooldown Count
~ CTMod (My action bars and artwork removal)
~ Druid Bar
~ FonTabulous
~ Mobhealth
~ Nurfed Beta Unit Frames
~ Scrolling Combat Text
~ SpellAlert
~ SuperInspect
~ Tipbuddy
~ Trinketmenu
~ UniversalStunHelper
~ Wardrobe

--- Comments ---------------------------------
I took alot of the comments and e-mails people sent me and worked some of their thoughts and suggestions into my movie. Thanks to those who sent their input in for future movie content!

Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions for this video or future videos.

Thanks and enjoy the movie :).
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