Spoh - Rival (Feral Hybrid Vanilla WoW Montage) by Spoh
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Blackrock ( Bloodlust )
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Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/spohtv
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamSpoh
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/teamspoh
Discord: https://discord.gg/qS3mxWk
**About The Video**

Average ping to EU servers from west coast US is ~160ms. Most of the footage obtained was during the MC/Onyxia era, with a few clips around the release of BWL. This is not a dueling video and it does not feature every class/spec. The video was put together over the course of three months, averaging roughly six hours a day.

Many MMO montages over the course of time have been highlight reels of average-good plays with ideal situations. While this pattern is not exclusive to WoW, I sought to break from the mold. With this video I wanted to display situations that were disadvantageous for myself, whether it was lacking important cooldowns, facing more than one opponent, lacking hp/mana, etc. A big part of world pvp is being able to adapt to situations, whether or not they are advantageous to you and be able to come out on top. Though it can show the potential of a particular class and spec, having/using every cooldown available is not reflective of a common world pvp scenario.

During my time ranking, I was faced with a monetary crisis when approaching rank 11. Obtaining consumables, gearing up and enchanting multiple sets of gear can be very costly for a competitive player. Due to this, I leveled enchanting for the trinket before dropping it and blacksmithing (expensive!) for its respective trinket as well, but was unable to level engineering until after I completed ranking, so some of the clips are without this profession. With the amount of other consumables you use while ranking and respecs throughout the week, it was not possible to add engineering items to my repertoire.


This is a general feral hybrid spec, but there are certain talents choices to consider:

✔ Reflection is a good talent and its a choice between that and improved rejuvenation. Part of this depends on your gear as reflection will scale, but the improved rejuvenation can be nice early on and more so if you're not wearing gear with mana regen attributes.

✔ Nature's focus is pretty important for pvp, allows you to cast regrowth and healing touch without having to worry about much cast interruption, great against hunters and warlocks, both which are traditionally more difficult classes to face off against.

✔ Improved shred can be taken if you find yourself doing much more group pvp, though it shines much more with a deep feral spec.

There was no one set of gear that I used during the video. It ranges from practically all blue items to rank 13 gear with a couple strong offpieces like Onyxia Tooth Pendant and Band of Accuria, but still featuring some basic blues such as Truestrike Shoulders, Frostbite Girdle and Sergeant's Cape. During this era, there were many things that were not available:

✖ Engineering Reflectors (exception of one clip, as they came out with BWL).
✖ Idols.
✖ Strength/Agility enchants for weapons.
✖ All gear had old stat values and some of it wasn't revamped until BWL release.
✖ Feral specific weapons (i.e. End Of Dreams)
✖ ZG enchants

© All music and game assets are copyrighted and belong to their respective owners. This video is not monetized and is solely for educational/entertainment purposes.
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