How to make Heroic Leap Work! by Gear
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Hello guys!

First of all thanks for the nice reviews on my previous movies. I found this trick during boredoom in durotar and apologize in advance if its already known to someone who made already a movie about it. Or if they majority already knows about it
Friends said not to release it because Blizzard might nerf it and other players shouldn't know about it. Im not really sure how to nerf it though without breaking the ability completely.
You should also know that the "trick" is only really interesting for ppl who PvP and its very very hard to perfom during actual combat. If it would be just for the sake of exploring you might wanna know that flying mounts can reach the same things aswell :P

After 4.0.6 every reasonable player clearly saw that blizzard nerfed us the wrong way and still hasn't adressed the real issue. Atleast this "move" compensates pieces of the heavy nerfs. Although I think it was possible in 4.0.3 aswell.

Anyway, keep in mind, specially for PvP, that you can jump of a platform and leap back at it again with this trick. It might be handy in Arena.

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