Warrior PvP: Gear Random! by Gear
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Sylvanas ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary

Hey folks!

I published this movie so fast because i want to set up my computer as it is full of garbage and srsly pisses me off all day. I didnt want to take the wow footage with me, thats why i made the movie rather quickly! In case you are wondering: Yea the 2 intro pvp scenes are featued with r14 stuff (no model change!)
As in my previous movie you will encounter some Hommages towards different movies (also wow movies)

What to expect:
99% world pvp (1 bg scene!)
1vX mostly ( vs bad geared, wrong specced, unlucky, bad ppl etc)
Abuse of engineering and Pots
Title related content
Mistakes, playing perfectly is an utopia anyway
(hopefully) humor
Lack of editing (due to the fact that my pc has already problems with launching programs like vegas, not to mention to edit smth in it)
Overused aswell as fairly unique music
2vX with Strif-> watch out for his incoming PvP movie!

If you still wanna watch the movie after reading this, go ahead, but pls dont downrate based on facts i told you in the "what to expect list" as you have been warned.


Rjd2-Smoke and mirrors
Il Nino- Unframed
Pearl Jam- Breakerfall
Electric six- Dance commander
Decyfer Down- Fight like this
Electric Six- High Voltage
A perfect circle- Blue
Kazzer- Pedal to the metal
Lost Prophets- Everyday combat
Devil may cry 3- Devils never cry

Special thanks to the Wcm Stuff and specially Uzbeki who is very supportive :P
Be cool and give skillpoint x)

I hope you can enjoy it

New mirrors added! *UPDATE*

Edit: The Pic at 15: 16 was made by jamaldin, its not my work, i am not responsible for anything on it x) Srlsy he demanded that i call him as author -> racism ftl
Its just my lame revenge on Pukamon xP.

Edit 2: As i got a lot of whispers to the following question:

Is Strength better than arp, why are you not arp?

A: No its not better as Armor penetration. I just dont like ARP. It never felt right to me, even though it is the better stat. Check Arena Junkys (?) i belive thats the big arena site where you can see the top warriors. I guess all of them are ARP.
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