The Bounty Hunter 2- A Story PvP tale by Gear
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Sylvanas ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary

I advice you to download the movie, as it is a different experience!

About this movie:

"The Bounty Hunter tells the story of Gearwar, a Warrior who earns his living by capturing or killing fugitives. He usually hangs out with his friends in Booty Bay Pub, wich is kind of the headquarter for all Bounty Hunters. The movie starts with Gearwar returning from a successful Hunt. Only this time he meets up with his friends in Shattrath, where they reminisce about their Past and how they all got into the Bounty hunter business. Gearwar is asked to tell his tale, which he gladly does......unfortunately Gearwar is not always so sure what really happened...."

What to expect:
Length: Its 45 min long. Around 25 min of story and 20 min of PvP
99% World PvP. (mostly vs bad geared, bad rated or/and unlucky ppl)
Story RP!
Movie references/hommages
(Hopefully) humor
Warrior PvP
Overused aswell as fairly unique music
100% Ingame Footage.. no machinima (so dont expect smth like Bebeb did!)

The PvP is only world PvP. Its adjusted to the story.
The first PvP clip is just an introduction to the PvP
You can expect a mix between longer enduring fights
aswell as more fast paced fights!
Check Gear Random if the PvP of this movie suits you
I appololgize for a few things: English isnt my native, so you will prolly encounter some mistakes.
Camera shakes, sometimes. And bad transition usage.
I also appologize in advance if i insult anyone with my "humor"!

A few things you should keep in mind:
If you dont like movies in general, this movie isnt for you.
If you watch movies, but you only like action based movies, this movie isnt for you.

The original Idea about this movie was around 1-2 hours long. I had to cut it down to 25 min. Ofc i had to cut down a lot of things, but i still got my point across i think
Its no Biggie if you havent seen part 1. You might not get every joke
but its still watchable. Dont forget to watch part 1 afterwards :P

Be aware that there is more to these 25 min as it seems. You will prolly draw yourself a conclusion after you finished it and im pretty sure it might seem obvious what actually happened. Just let me tell you this: Its not that easy. I advice you to watch this movie again and i advice you to do it carefully. The details of The bounty Hunter 2 tell you a lot. It might or might not (!!) change your view about what really happened. You can be certain though that I will never say you are wrong

The End is what you make of it!


Edit: If you like this movie or the PvP of this movie, check my previous ones: The bounty hunter and Gear random!
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