WoW at its finest: Boring Exploring #2 by Kischa
Class: Warrior | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Balnazzar ( Conviction )
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Heyho there!

*Do not watch if you don't like boring stuff! ;)*

-Contains very few 3.3.5 clips!-

Kischa here with yet anothing Boring (exploring) video.
I really didn't think that I'd release another movie before cataclysm, but well.. Here it is. :)

My other videos have been in pretty poor quality, so I decided to use my laptop to record most of the clips, with fraps, since my stationary computer can't handle Fraps for some reason. I also rendered it in HD quality, so I hope the quality will be better this time!

Content this time:
1.12.1 (patch)
2.4.3 (patch)
3.3.5 (patch)
5.3 (3368) - Vanilla alpha, as always!

Music used will be shown in the video as well, but here's the music-list:
Paul van Dyk - Time of our Lives
B-Complex - Beautiful Lies
Cream Sound - Always (Arthur Deep Remix)
Paul van Dyk - For an Angel
Deadmau5 - Strobe

I hope you'll enjoy the video, but well.. I can't do anything but hope ;)

*Rate however you want to, as long as you give me your honest opinion. Low rating is worth more than no rating in my eyes.*


October 2010-10-20

Category of Violation: Extreme Exploitation

Permanent Ban.
October 2010-10-22


Following a review of your case, I can confirm that the evidence presented was correct, and that the subsequent action taken was appropriate. Our decision in this matter stands, and will not be overturned.

We now consider this matter closed, and would not look to enter into further communication on the matter.
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