Memories of WoTLK by Kischa
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Ohey there!

I didn't put too much effort into this movie, don't kill me for that!

The song I used in this video is the song that was played on the boats/zepplins that were heading to Northrend.

For some reason, Blizzard decided to remove this song out of the game, and it no longer excists.

I remember the day I took the boat to Borean Tundra, leveled up and then my brother came home, we met up in Ironforge and went to Menethil harbour. When we finally arrived in Howling Fjord, that became my favorite place in northrend, as Borean Tundra is really, meh.

I, personally, prefer TBC > WoTLK, but that's irrelevant I guess.
I remember the days of Karazhan raiding, how fun it used to be. In WoTLK i stopped PvEing totally, and now im purely exploring/PvPing.

Programs used:
Sony Vegas
Cataclysm Alpha

So, anyway, I hope you enjoy this song and the tiny video I created.
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