Warsong Defensive Prologue by Geis Archrion
Class: Multiple | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - The Sha'tar ( Vindication )
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Movie Summary
The following video is a short prologue to my running project called Warsong Defensive, based and filmed around a week long Roleplay event on The Sha'tar RP realm.

The event, organised by Gremkarc and many other volunteers attracted many mad RPers to Warsong Hold in an epic war event that involved a huge number of people from the Horde to stand against the sudden offense of the Scourge, led by a new commander - Paggorn, a wingless dreadlord.

In this prologue we see Paggorn break free from the failures of the Burning Legion and offer himself to the Lich King...but for a price.

Also included is a short trailer outlining what will come in the Part One release.

Things to note:
-This prologue is machinimated, however the main feature is purely in-game footage of an RP event that involves a creative editing twist in order to bring the event to life!
-The final feature will be released as a whole movie rather than 3 parts, it is seperated for ease of production and uploading
-Release date does not apply for final feature.

See the original event trailer for this event!

~Geis Archrion
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