Warsong Defensive Event Trailer by Geis Archrion
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The Warsong Defensive, is a week long RP project brought to you by the organiser of 'The Blasted War', here again to recruit for this upcoming event taking place in Warsong Hold on The Sha'tar EU! He is inviting anyone interested in RPing this realm wide event as hundreds of Horde adventurers and craftsmen fly to the great Fortress in the West of Northrend, to act as a mighty defense against an incoming Scourge attack.

These particualr waves of attack are this time being lead by a wingless and toothless Dreadlord by the name of 'Paggorn'. Who, displeased with the failures of the Burning Legion has seeked out the scourge, and offered himself to serve the Lich King and command his armies.

Whilst the reinforcements still arrive at the Wrathgate, it seems the scourge are eager to eridicate the Horde who are progressively claiming a lot of their territory, and to put a halt to the reinforcements.

The event will last from 8th - 15th of February, and all manner of characters are welcome, whether you are a warrior willing to fight for the Horde, a crafter, a medic, a stable keeper, a peon, or even on the side of the Scourge itself. We want you! Visit the realm forum thread regarding this event for more information and to talk to the organisers!


Lok'tar! For the horde!


This trailer was to promote the upcoming event, however I will be filming as much of the actual event as I can also. It might not turn out like this however, so I hope you enjoy it :) ALSO apologies that the voiceover is drowned out a bit by the music at one point..

Time for some quickfire Q&A!

Q. What realm is this event on?
A. The Sha'tar, EU
Q. What date is this event?
A. 8th - 15th February
Q. Do I have to be level 70-80?
A. Not at all! The level doesn't matter, as long as you are able to reach the North lands. There are plenty of RP oppertunities for any level, class and race.
Q. Will the Alliance be involved?
A. Yes! However the Horde organiser is leaving that side open to whoever wants to be involved on the Alliance, there will likely be some interaction. Check the forum thread for details.
Q. What was the Icecrown footage about?
A. This event will stretch over the entirity of Azeroth, not just Warsong Hold, expect to see some other events happening too.
Q. How did you get a working model viewer?
A. There is a semi working version on the modelviewer website now, however it still has some graphical errors and isn't that reliable yet.

Many thanks for watching!

Geis Archrion
~The Sha'tar Director.
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