In-Memory : Retribution by Necka
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What if the Lich King found a way to seize, in this world we know, one of the most powerful and most dangerous infamous trinkets? The Horde and the Alliance haven�t set foot on the icy grounds of Northrend. There is too much tension and hesitation left. But the crossed fates of a few characters are soon to change everything, and some parts of our universe will never be the same again�

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Firstly, here�s a small note about the movie you�re about to watch :

There are three bonuses in the ending credits, and the last one of them is at the very end of it !
Make sure you don't miss it, it is a teaser for the next movie !

-1 : This is a roleplay movie, which means it uses a storyline that respects an existing background, Warcraft�s. This doesn�t mean that we have chosen to tell you a story that already exists in Warcraft�s lore at all. All we did was use and follow the past of this universe until some point in the movie, and then swith to an alternate reality.

For instance, there�s no way we wouldn�t know the difference between what the Lich King does in IMR and what he�s to do online. The way our characters act respects their way of thinking as we know it through the games, the books and online encyclopedias (such as WoWWiki), but keep in mind that we have created a whole original and creative story that shows player characters next to historical characters.

-2 : As for the already long-debated battle gear topic, I�d like to remind everyone that tiers 7, 8 and 9 (for example) are typically gameplay-bound stuff and not to WoW�s background. If we were really living in that world, we�d see armor sets coming from magic or blacksmithing only� And not from looting boss corpses (who have no pockets nor backpacks to carry them on) in Ulduar. Therefore the Illidan raid sequence features players with much higher level gear, as it was difficult to shoot otherwise, and it doesn�t affect the movie�s roleplay aspect.

-3 : Speaking of the video�s technical part (I�m talking about the editing here), I must mention that I�m nothing but an amateur moviemaker, alone behind my computer just like everyone else. I�m no pro and I�ve had to work with the resources and the few skills I had. I don�t master After Effects quite well, and I had to use tutorials to create some of the movie�s FX. To blame me for that would be quite unfair because I only did what I could to adapt my friend Kirochi�s script, and my lack of knowledge on directing FX had me use some tutorials to make what we wanted to see go real on screen, for your pleasure in the first place of course.

-4 : I am NOT Martin Falch, and this movie is no Tale of the Past. I don�t have his editing skills and we both have very different styles. You�ll notice that I�m keen on using live server shootings with real players, and I only use WoW Model Viewer incrusts as a last expedient. I�m never near his level and thus I don�t expect to reach his fame level nor to be compared to him :).

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