Niar - Mean machine 1 by Niar
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Turalyon ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
*** UPDATE ***

I rerolled on Stormscale (EU) as undead rogue called Niarreborn, that is my main character now.

*** UPDATE ***

Hey there! For those that don't know me, I'm Niar from Turalyon (EU) server, and I'm mostly known from my "Feel the pain" videos of lvl60 PvP. It's been a while since my previous video (Xmas pain), and now I introduce you to the lvl70 PvP with my new series "Mean machine". I hope you will enjoy it and that it maybe gives you some new tactics or ideas for PvP :)

The video contains footage from Battlegrounds, duels/1on1's, and towards the end there is a 1on2 arena track. Most of the material was done while having full blue gear/pre-TBC epics, but the 1on2 arena in end is with a bit more up-to-date equipment :). There is no overdone editing in this movie, it is mostly focused on giving you a clear picture and nice quality.. so that you can see what's going on in the scenes.

I also recommend you to download the full version of it for maximum viewing pleasure, think about that I gimp my FPS to get YOU the quality and enjoyment ;). Please donít ask me about addons, Iím using pre-TBC versions of them which have been manually modified to work, I will not be uploading my modifications of them.

Equipment / talents
My CURRENT gear and talents can be found at , but like I said, most of the movie was done with MUCH worse gear than what I have at this point (in case armory is down, my spec is 30/0/31).

Controls / keybindings

I use W A S D for moving, I always hold the right mouse button in combat for strafing around targets. My hotkeys are Q (cloak of shadows), E (distract), F (kidney shot), G (cold blood), Y (shadowmeld), V (rupture), shift + R (deadly throw), shift + F (blind), B (expose armor), R (renataki trinket), T (mount), middle mousebutton (thistle tea) and sidebutton on mouse (pvp trinket use) and 1-0 for my primary actionbar.

If you have any questions which are NOT ANSWERED IN THIS TEXT feel free to ask through email or ingame, the music can be found at end of video, so donít bother asking. I'll glady recieve feedback, but through these years I've learned that you can't satisfy everyone, but I hope you like my first video in my new Mean machine series :), and add me to favourites and/or bookmark my profile: to easily keep track of when new movies of me is out in the future!

Thatís all for now, enjoy.
// Niar, Turalyon EU
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