WCM Kickback / Revshare
In the new WCM Kickback / Revshare program our authors will be able to get some extra $$$ for their work. It is a ladder based program where the author who gets most plays on the WCM video platform. To prevent cheating the exact formula for calculating the winner will remain hidden but note that there will not be a 100% correlation between "views" on WCM and who is going to place on top in the ladder.

The calculations will be done month by month with a 5 day overlap each way to prevent hurting authors that submits their movie during a month change. Since we just launched this February will count as half a month. During March we will double the rewards and hopefully in April we will be able to continue to increase the program and rewards. All payments will be done via Paypal on approx the 6th each month. If we do not have your Paypal email on record we will contact you via email and PM on WCM.

Please note that this program is completely free to participate in. You can opt out when you submit your movie, on Step 1. Then everything will be exactly like it has always been. If you opt in the default stream will be set to WCM during and if your movie gets featured. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Rewards in February (Half month)
1st $125 USD
2nd $85 USD
3rd $60 USD
4th $40 USD
5th $25 USD

Rewards in March
1st $250 USD
2nd $175 USD
3rd $125 USD
4th $75 USD
5th $50 USD

Promotional Material

You can use these short promo clips in your movies. You will get a free Premium account upgrade for each movie you submit which contains any of the following clips. You will have a better chance of a day in the "Spotlight" on the front page of the site.

If your submission gets approved you will get 2 days of free Premium access.
If your movie reach 3000 views the first 24 hours you will an additional week. If your movie reach 25,000 downloads within that first week you will get an additional month.
If your movie gets recommended you will get 2 months of Premium after the first week.

You can cut and edit the clips as long as the WarcraftMovies.com text is intact.

"Twisted Glitter" by Broove
9s - 8B - Sound
"Metal" by Mintii
12s - 11MB - Sound
"Burning Eye" by Pinkhair
18s - 13MB - Sound
"Ice Cold" by Gommar
15s - 4MB - Sound
"Get Your Machinima Fix" by FishFeastFilms
9s - 2MB - Sound
"New WCM Logo" by Haero
11s - 6MB - Sound
"Chinese style" by Gforce
5s - 10MB - Sound
"Graffiti Tunnel" by Dopefish
15s - 25MB - Sound
"Metal" by teh_taco
6s - 4MB - Sound
"Fire" by malu05"
5s - 5MB - Sound
"Static" by leosavir
15s - 14MB - Sound
"Film Reel" by WCM
14s - 11MB - Sound
"Wall" by Dopefish
6s - 6MB - Sound
"WM Logo" by Yakooki
14s - 12MB - Sound
"Polymorph" by Balgosa
10s - 3MB - Sound
"Sparkle" by Chrisgroove
10s - 3MB - Sound
WMV/WMA - Blue
"W" by Astrokat
9-15s - 1MB - No sound

WCM Wallpaper #2:

Deathwing by Lina Blixt





1440x900 (Widescreen)

1680x1050 (Widescreen)

1920x1200 (Widescreen)

WCM Wallpaper #1:

The Lich King by Lina Blixt