Decimator V2 by Lilos
Class: Warrior | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Talnivarr ( Reckoning )
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Movie Summary
Decimator V2 puts you again in the sabatons of Lilos, a Gnome Fury Warrior with absolute state of the art Damage gear.

Decimator V2,is really all about the experience, and has been realesed in cooperation with Yannis Ziakas.

Yannis worked for The Creative Assembly / SEGA over the past months and is the owner of Zombie Entertainment Limited [Http://] known as the maker of Nihilum of AQ. I guess it would be safe to say that the video editing is really professional this time.
Special thanks goes to Pathologist for providing his really cool Decimation track, the first track in the movie.

Please note that this movie has absolutely NOTHING to do with "Skill" as a warrior. Every single aspect of the content in this movie has been created purely to entertain the viewer.

Decimator V2 is a small preview of the still to come quality movies from Decimation's media cooked in the Zombie Entertainment oven. Yannis in Decimation has one goal.

That is to raise the bar to a fully professional production standard and show people that machinima and gaming movies are still something not fully explored with a very large audience.

Thanks goes to Multiplay for providing us with the amazing hosting of the movie.

It is highly recommended to download the High Quality version of this movie since the movie has so many effects that can't be experienced very well when watching livestream.

Visit our website, Http://, for the full news post regarding this movie & the other upcomming movies.

Take notice that Yannis Ziakas will release the never before shown C'thun World First Kill by Nihilum on Http:// on the 26th of December.

Guild website: Http://

You will need the latest Xvid codec to watch this movie or use VLC Player . You can get the latest xvid codec here:
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