AIA8.0 - Comedy PVP by kryticalDV
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Azgalor ( Ruin )
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Hey WCM team! Just want to throw this disclaimer out that the SP segment in this video is 100% an exaggeration of my actual experience in 8.0 as a SP player in PVP. I *HAVE* been getting crushed, but obviously in this video I am not actually trying to do anything but get myself killed repeatedly.

The intro bit was something I thought up that very first day after not being able to get on from basically 11 AM- almost midnight. It might not be for everyone, but hopefully someone thinks it's funny.

Tried to keep this video pretty short and sweet, but I think if you've enjoyed my prior 2 videos, hopefully you'll find this one kind of fun as well. After talking to some of my guildies I can see that the SP death segment drags on a little and I probably could have cut it down several clips and got the point across. Live and learn! Hopefully people can still enjoy it.

Big thanks to my guild, all my great friends and family, donors, subs, followers, and supporters of all types on Twitch.

Huge thanks to Opie of WCM as always, cannot thank you enough for the support, and big shout out to XMO as well for being a really cool, down to earth, funny dude. Welcome back to WOW, XMO, hope you'll be making videos soon. Check him out for sure.

Twitch / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / YouTube / Vimeo - kryticaldv
BNET - krytical#1738
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