Vhein 3 : Savage by Vhein
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Culte de la Rive noire ( Vengeance )
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Movie Summary
WATCH ON YOUTUBE FOR BETTER QUALITY @60 FPS, on wcm stream the editing look awkward, you've been warned.


Coming back with another release, Vhein 3 : Savage.

What is to expect this time ? :

- 30% wpvp / 30% bg / 30% duels ( in skirmishes ) / 10% storyline
- Duels against Unholy DK / Fire Mage
- mostly Xvs1 scenario for the wpvp / bg part
- 100% undead models
- Metal music, less hardcore than my previous video ( tracklist at the end )
- As usual, twitching screen and such thing are there.
- Usage of 30sc vanish talent in all clip
- New tricks
- Old models
- Oldschool feel
- Opponent skill range from bad to good
- Mistakes
- 13mn of Savagery

Lists of the tricks and their timer :

0:42 : Lich king / Sap feint death and eat trap on purpose to get rid of it

8:54 : Timed Evasion to dodge apocalypse ( saw 5 stack of festering wound and used evasion immediately to prevent incoming damage )

10:50 : Used 30sc vanish to avoid being sheep on dragon breath or prevent incoming damage from the fire mage

11:39 : Same at 10:50

12:27 : Pre cloaking incoming death coil from warlock

12:29 : Vanish the death coil from warlock to prevent any fear / damage during it's duration

12:44 : Pre cheap shoting the rogue's trinket, into a blind.

12:53 : Cheap shoting the rogue which immediately result in a pre-blind his trinket

About the duels :

alright, before you say " man your duellers are bad ", read this :

i duelled the mage only once, he didn't know my playstyle very well beforehand.

And for the DK, i did loose once against him, and, trust me : each one of my victory was far from easy to get, unholy dk are beast in 1v1 against melee ; lots of utility survivability, it was a very hard time for me to get a kill on him, plus he is good as a dk, he make some mistakes, but is good nevertheless.

So i hope you'll have fun watching this. I did get a lot of fun making it.

Made by Vhein-Cultedelarivenoire EU.
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