A true tragical love story - [WOW MACHINIMA] by TheMachinist
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Hey guys! It is my very first machinima video. I hope you'll enjoy it. I do appreciate critics and help, advice.

The full story is here:

After the first war, the life has changed for every single citizen on the Eastern Kingdoms. Soldier were mentally broken, cities were in ruins, mothers were in grieve...
Not much happiness left on the planet... Just one single thing, which we used to call a "weapon of heart", the Love. There was two teenagers in the majestic kingdom of the remaining Alliance. They both raised up in Elwynn forest, but they had no idea from each other. The young girl, was called Rosemary, and the noble gentlemen was Turaly. Rosemary was a barkeeper in the pub called "Pig'n'Whistle", Turally was instead a shepherd. It was harsh job for both of them. Not easy to serve drunk lads... and of course to care about the sheep, well, wouldn't say that is easier at all.
So in a beautiful, sunny, spring morning it happened that, both of them were on the way to Goldshire to buy some food. Rosemary came from Stormwind City, Turaly was came from Eastvale Logging Camp. They were both whistling a note. Both of them whistled different ones. In Goldshire they've just met, but instead of leaving each other, they have got into a long conversation. It was a love for the first sight. They were both enjoyed the talking, and walking around. Weeks has passed, and they finally got married in the Cathedral of Light, by the help of a Father, called Marrow. Three years later, they bought their first house. It was a little, cozy cottage on a hill near to the City. Near to the City, because the Pig'n'Whistle, and on a hill, because the sheep love the fresh "mountain air".
They were lived happily there. They travelled a lot. They've got to meet with the King, called Terenas Menethil too. It was a wonderful and almost perfect life. Just almost...
After fifty years of successful marriage, they got into an average fight. It was words and some force that Turaly used on Rosemary. She just, hoped that it will be over soon. Thus Rosemary asked Turaly - politely - to leave the house for a while. He screamed at her, and hit her on the chest and face several times. But after he left the house. He left her wife alone, with her broken bones, and broken heart. She collapsed between two tear drops. She died later on… Nobody knows what caused it. Maybe the bones or maybe the broken, smashed, sliced, raped heart.
Turaly was informed about the events... He was stunned in that moment. He still loved her wife... He didn't want to hurt her. "It was an accident." - He said, as he ripped of a bunch of rose from a bush. His next destination was the graveyard. Her wife's graveyard. As he stood in front of it, tears came to his eyes... "I am so sorry... I can't carry this burden. I will meet you again." He knelt down, and placed the rose. In that exact moment, he died too, next to his loved one.
Know, this story goes on thought generations in Stormwind. It teach us, how to love, not to hate, and always have faith in each other.
And for all, not the force that kills the most, but the words...

Enjoy! :)
-The Machinist
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