The story of Illdan Stormrage Song by fabersoul
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Another lore song ive done, this time its about illidan. Im interested to see how his story develops in the upcoming legion. LYRICS BELOW
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in a time long gone was an elf named illidan
who went down the wrong path and then became villanous
he once lived in a land so mystic and grand
now he's haunted by the sins of his past
the reason why he picked the path he'd taken?
he was under orders from his master kil'jaden
who practically had him enslaved
but the grasp on him waned with the passing of days
he drank from the well of eternity
yet still with his actions he felt no uncertainty
ever since he was known as the betrayer
his heart grew colder and no one could have saved him
maybe tyrande the long lost loveof his heart
could have helped him t sunder the darkness
but he lost her, thats what his quest for power cost him
one could say it was a self inflicted problem
for 10 thousand years he was imprisoned
by his own twin brother, he was warned but he never listened
the regret within him must have left him wishing
he did things different, so will he ever get forgiveness?
power's what he only would seek
for his cold dreaded deeds can his soul be redeemed?
malfurion knew that he took from the well
and he was the last whom he'd look to for help
but in order to save tyrande
the stormrage brothers had to make among them
a peaceful deal, to save her then go separate ways
illidan all on his own left in pain
as he stood atop the black temple
he was the dark king of outland with power on a vast level
wielding the twin blades of azzinoth
a fallen hero, once protector of azeroth
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