Story of Arthas Rap Song by fabersoul
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He was born in a lineage of royal blood
And heir to the throne, arthas a noble son
He was destined for greatness
But he grew so restless and tainted and so he fell to his hatred
It all began when villages were riddled with a plague
And the scourge had arisen from the graves
He was so focused on conquest and all his accomplishments
That he killed with no conscious when –
He slaughtered all the people of lordaeron
And lost his way the moment he ordered all-
His men to purge the grounds
Every child or person found living this town should be downed
His path to the throne was a trail he alone wandered
But he failed to uphold honor
A betrayal to his own father, as he sailed to the north
On behalf of the tales of the orc shaman (ner’zhul)

But what he longed for, he obtained from the wrong source
A rune blade known as frostmourne
A cursed longsword, in it was a strong force
He became bedevilled with the tyranny it brought fourth
The blade was cursed, his soul was the first that it claimed
And everyone he murdered and slayed
With hi merciless rage, on the verge of insane
As he dealt with the burden it gave
A foul voice whispered in his mind
It was ner’zhuls spirit that was lingering inside
So he returned home a victor
But little did the people know his father was about to be a victim
Upon his head he had placed the crown
We are one the voice echoed and quaked the ground
through the darkest of sins he was arthas the king
and at one with the presence he had harboured within
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