WoW at its finest: Boring Exploring Mix by Kischa
Class: Druid | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Balnazzar ( Conviction )
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Kischa here, in case someone out there still remembers me!

Decided to put together some old material that I had on my hard drive today. It might not be any interesting at all, but then again I felt like I might just as well release it, I mean, I got nothing to lose, right? :)

It's even a clip of one of my uber CS movies!

Anyway, in case someone remembers me, you might also know that I got permanently banned - However, I managed to get myself unbanned, and I'm going to tell you how.

I went to GM Island, stayed there for a month and got permanently banned

~Mail to blizzard~

Sent: 18/12/2010 15:55:38
Hello there, Blizzard Entertainment EU.
I logged on, on my character whereas I was contacted by a GM, called Valesteanz, I believe. He explained to me that I was getting a permanent ban, because I was on GM Island, a place where I am not suppose to visit. But please, I know that you said that you won't overturn the matter, but please, hear my story;

It was a dark evening, a cold friday night. I was walking around in stormwind city, when suddenly two orcs attacked me. They knocked me unconscious and I woke up on GM Island.

I was terrified. They had me tied up on a chair, in a dark room. There was a vague light, coming from the top of the room, but it was still very dark. I heard some quiet voice from... I don't know where it came from, but it was frightning. I then heard a loud, very loud noise. It all turned black, and I fell unconscious again.

I woke up again, this time freed, but on an Island, which I later on got to know as the GM Island. I ran out of the house that I was in. I was on the top floor, I ran in fear downstairs, whereas I felt something cold coming towards me. I looked back, and saw a frostbolt coming my way. I made a very quick maneouver and it missed me, but it froze the wall next to me.

I ran down the rest of the stairs, and I was frightened, I felt left alone. It was dark, cold and I was lonely. I ran, as fast as I could, and I saw a door. I ran out, through the door, and I saw a boat and water further down. I jumped into one of my forms, which I ran fast in.

It was at this point that I realized I could not survive this. I had to fight back, it was my only option if I wanted to live.

I jumped into my big, scary owl-form, and I felt it.. I had the power! I felt the power running through my body, I felt the energy.

I made my owl battle-cry, and I started consuming my energy, I started casting a bolt, a bolt of the moon and the sun, a bolt of some power I had never felt before, atleast not in this way. It flew in the air, toward my enemies. This is the first time I saw them, one orc, possibly a warlock, and one undead, the frostmage whose frostbolt I had seen before. The bolt of the sun and the moon, was launched towards the mage, and I saw the fear in his eyes. He was afraid of me, his hostage. Before, I looked like a powerless night elf woman, but now, I was something else. Something way more powerful.

The mage immediately casted a spell, an ice block. The block as ruined by my bolt of sun and moon, but he was not damaged. I now saw that the Orc started to cast a spell. I used yet another power that I did not know that I had within me, and his casting got interrupted. There was like a light around him, and he looked frightened.

At this point, I started to cast some other spells, directed towards myself. I felt that I was healed by the powers of the nature, and I now started casting another spell towards my enemies, and this one knocked them back, a few meters. I then started casting my bolt of the sun and moon again, and this time the mage was unable to avoid it. It crushed him, it destroyed him!

Now it was me left alone versus the Warlock. I felt fear, and was unable to do anything, I ran around, as the coward I was.

It took me a few seconds to bring my thoughts back together, but I did it. I started casting some of the nature spells to heal myself, and it worked. I felt that I was ready, ready to launch a few naturebolts towards the warlock. And so, I did. I saw that he was in pain after the bolts, but I also knew that I was almost out of my power, I could not throw out many other of those bolts.

However, I thought, that I might be able to throw another bolt of moon and sun at him. I tried, and a bolt was successfully launched towards him. Just like the mage, this warlock was destroyed, his corpse was a dead corpse.

I knew that I was not going to be able to keep my mind alive much longer, but at this point I heard a voice, I don't know where from it came, but it said the following:

"Excuse me Schalta, this is Game Master Valesteanz. After and investigation into your account we have found that you were in violation of our policies and as a result this account will be closed. And e-mail will be sent to you with the details."

I said, out loud into nothingness "Wait!", but it did not help. I was frozen, I was unable to move, and I felt some power taking me away from the island. At first, I was very happy, but I felt that what I had been doing all of my life was going to get... Destroyed. And there I was, outside of the mighty city of Stormwind, unable to move, and I knew, I knew that it was all a waste. All my life, it all passed away, and it all went dark. Now, I'm left out, I'm unable to move, think or even see.

So please Blizzard, help me! The emptiness within my brain, my body, within... Me... Make it whole again.

Regards, Anton "Schalta" Björkman
--------------------------- ------------------------------

~Blizzards reply~


Unfortunately, Orcs had nothing to do with this incident.

However, we are writing to inform you that, after a careful investigation of your account closure, we have agreed to remove the permanent suspension of your account from the World of Warcraft servers.

This change has already been put into effect, and your account should again be available for play.


I've quit WoW!
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