Zelyx 1 - 2800+ Priest (RMP, FMP, DKMP) by Zelyx
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Kel'Thuzad ( Nightfall )
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tired of trade chat
Livinbombirl Zlyx Reipghost
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Edited: Version 2 - Made a better version since season 10 doesn't start for a week. Hopefully better music for everyone, more editing as people asked, and just overall better sync with music by remapping some scenes. Also should be higher quality in HD.

Hey guys, Zelyx here with my first movie on WCM. I've made a few RMP vids before on youtube, and now I'm releasing a full video here with the best clips from my previous RMP vids in season 9.

What to expect:

High rated 3v3 matches as RMP, FMP, DKMP in season 9, mostly from the last few days of pushing glad.
2600-2800 rated opponents
Highest rated DKMP in our BG at the time
The most entertaining, difficult, or fun matches we've had recently (lots of top tier comps WLS, TSG etc)

I had fun making this video and I hope you enjoy it! Constructive feedback is appreciated!

I'd like to thank all of my team members including part-time members (Bleedsrule, Scyllian) for getting me through this crazy season.

Quick notes:
DK/mage/priest is not a skill comp, it was my weapon against shamans in s9 thats it, and for fun
Expect to see only RMP/FMP kind of comps in my next vid

-TellMeWhen (displays buffs/debuffs like renew, weakened soul, strength of soul)
-Juked (updated version of interruptbar)
-LoseControl (displays CC on portrait, and on you)

Song List:
1) intro song here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QNEU4FHW
2) Five Finger Death Punch-Never Enough Instrumental
3) Paul Van Dyk - for an angel (PvD Remix)
4) Indivision - Don't leave me this way (GIFT)
5) Fast Foot - Electro Dance (Original mix)
6) Groove Cutter - My shooter
7) Big Bang - haru haru (instrumental)

-Free Introduction Template made by AquuL | http://www.aquul.com/
-RMP animation template - http://www.youtube.com/user/VegTutor
-VENOMING for outro template

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