Klawsqt 2: The Adventures of Klawsqt and Joegengsta by Klawsqt
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Illidan ( Rampage )
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Klawsqt's Arena Team 1
Klawsqt Drjoegengsta
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This is a Druid/Warrior 2v2 video 2700+ rated from the Druids perspective and is supposed to be a visual guide to help play Druid/Warrior. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO WATCH A RESTO DRUID MOVIE THEN DO NOT WATCH THIS. I have gotten several requests to make another movie so here it is! All matches are between 2300-2700+. Most of the matches are pretty much unedited, except for the longer ones. I tried to include as many diverse teams as possible, but unfortunately it is difficult to find ques in 2s at high ratings, as well as a diverse amount of teams.

EDIT: This video is supposed to be more of a visual guide to go with the 2v2 guide I wrote, and less of a "look how many pummels I can dodge". I put in the comps that people have told me they've had the most trouble with. And unfortunately, I can't pick and choose the opponents that fit those credentials, 2700 in 2s, leaves you very little to no opponents now a days. Some of the opponents were bad, I agree. But in order to show players what we do against them I had to go with what clips I had.

Also if you do not like the music MUTE IT AND LISTEN TO YOUR OWN.

Additional info:

I forgot to put in the last song in the movie it is
Captain Jack By: Captain jack

Also additional shout out to Skullcandy and Seeslol, sorry I forgot to list you guys in the credits >.<

If you are looking for a more in depth Druid/Warrior 2v2 guide check out the guide I wrote on Arena junkies


Also check out my first movie klawsqt a Druids Legacy:


Also check out Joegengsta's movie A Warrior Legacy if you have not already seen it!


Klawsqt- U.S. Illidan, Rampage.
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