Born again Ret DELETED SCENES by Lakez
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Hello everyone! As I have mentioned before in my last movie, I have quit the game and was to be gone for several years, well I'm back! One week ago, I have resurrected my Account and I am having a good old time exploring the beautiful land of Northrend (FOR THE FIRST TIME).

I promised many, many people years ago that I would release "deleted scenes" from the original Born again Ret movie. This movie is it. It's about 20 minutes of material, some of the scenes are complete while others are 85% complete (there are no subtitles, some of the sound needs fixing, etc). I currently have no movie maker ATM (other than Windows media, and I'm in a tight situation, and not to mention that I'm feeling lazy) So it's not going to be fixed up as nicely as BaR was.

There are lots of reasons to why these scense were not put into the movie, and I'm not going to waste time explaining why. I will let you know that about 80% of this movie is older than Born again Ret, most of these scense were completed months and months before BaR's release. So the PVP is old and it takes place in Season 2. However, enough talk, here it is, and I hope you enjoy :).

You can get to the original Born again Ret movie through this link:


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Voice Actors: Lakez was Lakez. Binklebob played Binklebob, Mini Lakez, and Undead Rogue in Barrens.
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