The Bounty Hunter- Warrior PvP by Gear
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Sylvanas ( Rampage )
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Very first: the quality of this movie is awful, if watched on Noobflicks (I dont know how it looks on wcm) I had BIG problems rendering it, since my PC always crashed. I tried it multiple times, till i couldnt edit anymore and render it because my pc fucked up all the time. I really really got the best outta it, as it looks now (and it still looks bad sorry!) so DL it obviously for best quality

This Movie is not a showcase of skill, it is purely for entertainment!

you hate duels!
you hate the warrior class
you hate me in particular
you hate abuse of engineering in duels (Specially by me!)
you hate STORY-PvP

If this bothers you dont watch, dont flame and dont downrate for that, because you have been warned!

This Movie is also an Homage to various movies (also wow movies) i have seen in the past years. If you dont understand a line of the RP part, then you prolly havent seen the movie. Also note that music choice was due to certain movies!
I put as much in as i could but the list is endless. Also this might seem boring yes, so i tried to put some form of Humor in it. If i failed at that, i apologize, but it was not my intention to make a comedy for you anyway!

The RP part of the Movie (its story pvp) introduces each of my enemies. This is not a machinima movie!
The leading roles are:
Gearwar as Gearwar
Frostros as Frostros
Cel/Pros as The Belf chick (Note that the belf chick switches outfits, its still the same person!)
The bounty reward does not equal skill or anything, i just thought it was funny!

The PvP part is as said, purely for entertainment! I added fights when either me or my enemy had CDs on certain abilities! I did that because i thought the fight was still interesting and better than a fight when we had full CDS up. (Entertainment > skill)
Also note, that im a bg hero. I didnt duel Arena pros! But after watching swifty's recent movies im sure that doesnt mean a lot anyway.

Duels mostly

vs: Hammerfalls: Ret vs warrior = rolling the dice yo!

vs: Crestfallen: Unfortunately Crest was only up for one duel, i prolly wouldnt have used my failcontrol if i had known that

vs: Viable : This duels is definately not a showcase of skill. We wanted to duel on a wide area but we got soon bored because we already knew that the "house" was way better. The house is very cool to duel, i advice you to try it with the objective to kite each other to the top to keep the duel fluent! Anyways if you wanna look for some skills you should prolly rate his survival skills which are insane considering its a very hard spot to duel (IMHO!)

vs: Fripa: Fripa was very supportive, unfortunately his connection fucked up cause of IRL weather issues in his country! I didnt wanna cut him out (these duels vs him were test duels and Fripa was wasted when we recorded!), so i just added Violence for replacement. He did a very good job i think and was also very supportive!

vs Coldfearlol: Ye i know what some elitists might think, but lemme assure you that i have A LOT more problems vs coldfearlol than vs some of our gladiator mages. I added him because he plays very intentional and situational. He doesnt play the mage by the book obviously and its very hard to read his next step.

vs: stinkmeaner: Since i consider him the best lock we have on Sylvanas, i chose him. Nothing else to add i belive

Special thanks to moriaty for that awesome Duel is used for my endcredits!

Thanks guys, and i hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: I added a Link for ppl who want to D/L!
EDIT 2: As you ppl liked this movie so far, pls check out my previous one: The Easter Hunt, which is kinda the prequel, but i consider it actually way more creative than The bounty hunter.

Its way shorter too :P

Edit 3:

Full tracklist in order

Black smoke by The Prodigy
Mystic and severe by Ennio morricone
Costa del Sol (its the BB rp song you hear all the time)
All in wait by Static X
Pushing the sky by the seatbelts
Ballad of a Gunman
Time of dying by Three days grace
My Goddess by The Exies
Animals by Nickleback
My one and only love by Sting
Puscifer - The undertaker
The outsider by A perfect circle
Ballad of a Gunman
Gimme Shelter by the rolling stones
Ten million slaves by otis Taylor
Nine Thou- Styles of Beyond
Trust - Nero argento
The Wild Horde - Ennio Morricone

Thanks guys for watching again :D
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