Meet the Pollock by Nicolas Giordano
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Movie Summary
Meet Pollock, ex-Communist refugee who can't seem to shut up.
Meet Ivan, ex-KGB who still kicks ass.
Meet Ben, ex-New Yorker mobster...actually, no just New Yorker.

Pollock and his friends, Ivan and Ben, used to live in a poor apartment in New York City when they were forced by a violent threat to move across the country to sunny California.
Pollock is a new series from Chef Films using a combination between WoW and Garry's Mod to produce a show about our real-life, current times.

Pollock came a long way from a simple in-joke personality, to a complex character with many other characters interacting with him. After six months of THINKING about making a series and two months of actual production, I'm very proud to present this new machinima which will lead to a series of future episodes.

I hope you guys like this movie and the series as a whole. Episode 2 is currently not in production as I want to do "Trev and Eroth: Episode 2" first before I start on it. However, if support is big enough, I might just make them both at the same time.

Nicolas Giordano
Chef Films

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