Vengeanc´┐Ż guild (PvP) by Spylord
Class: Warrior | Category: Guild Promotion | Server : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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We are making preparations for WOTLK.
Currently topping 150 active people and we want to expand our borders with atleast another 100 active pvp players to support our frontline.

[OPEN] Warriors
[OPEN] Mages
[WTS] Rogues
[OPEN] Warlocks
[OPEN] Shamans
[OPEN] Priests
[OPEN] Paladins
[OPEN] Druids

What we want from you to have:

- Ventrilo (3.0.2)
- Season 2 geared +
- Outstanding pvp standards
- Social abilities
- Able to Think urself, come up with suggestions and most of all be creative.

What can we offer you?

- Daily premades (EOTS/ WSG/ AB)
- City raiding
- Planned 40v40 Horde vs. Alliance [No Mercy]
- Leveling with wotlk? no way! first couple of days everyone on our path will be ahnilated. Be on your guard hordies!
- Blitzkrieg battles
- Social meetings irl (@Amsterdam&England)
- Some of the best world pvp you will ever experience

- Including ambushes, dueling tournaments capture quel danas raid and much more!

Fill in the application form at

or contact me ingame for a chat!

Goodluck to all applicants!

Best regards,

- latest vids can always be seen on my youtube profile:

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