Beavis goes Berserk II by Beavis1228
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Wrathbringer ( Raserei )
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##########Pls download, its only 80 mb and the quality is way better then streaming##########

Six months after "Beavis goes Berserk" (link: ) i present my second Windfury Crit movie.

I�m playing an orc enhancement shaman (0/47/14) on the EU server Wrathbringer.


This video is ONLY for entertainment. It takes no skill at all to do what i show in this video. (Only to reach 2050 for the s4 wep :P) So pls stop here and press return if you are looking for skill.

What to expect in this vid:

*s4 2hand mace
*low equipped opponents
*high crits
*wsg zerking
*a few 1 vs 2 or 3 enemys (bad equipped)
*a lot of onehits
*orc raping alliance
*biggest windfurycrit on a pvp target in wow history i guess (if not let me know ;))

What NOT to expect in this vid:

*equal geared opponents

Also i have to mention a big problem i faced making this video:

Since Arenagear is availible for honor, 70% of the people you face on bg`s wear something around 400 resilience. Ok 30% left. 15% out of these 30 have to much armor or fake death, so no good targets for max. big crits. 15% left wich could work: Priests, Mages, Warlocks, mutilate or combat rogues and restordruids if you manage to hit them in normal form. Now you maybe think, thats quite a lot, but here comes the next problem: To LESS HP. Yes, to LESS. If you watch the movie, you will recognize that allmost half of the onehits are only 3 numbers: Stormstrike, Autohit and 1!!! Windfuryproc. This is because, if a target would die after the dmg from one windfuryproc, the second wont trigger and also wont be displayed on the screen. Example: Target has 8k HP . My Stormstrike crits for 3k, autohit noncrit for 1500 (proccs windfury) First Windfury hit crits for 4500 ........ second does not proc because this dmg is allready enough to kill him(3k + 1,5+ 4,5+ = 9k). So the windfury would actually be 8250 - 10,5k. (thanks blizz... actually the extra hits should procc at the same time and should be displayed even if the target dies with one).

Short: Targets wich die after one wf dont bring so spectacullar Crits, because one number is missing. (and this happend a lot.)

Allthough i hope this vid entertains you a little and make sure to watch the whole. As usual the best part is in the end ;)


Q: What addon are you using to summon your wf dmg?

A: Shamanfriend (since windfurytally is not working anymore)

Q: Wow that interface looks sweet, what are these addons?

A: Ag Unitframes, Bongo bars, Afflicted, Spell allerter, totem timers

Q: How the hell do you make these insane crits?

A: Good gear, a lot of buffs and targets with less resilience

Q: Wich Programms do you use to make these vids?

A: Fraps to record and Sony Vegas 6.0 to edit

Q: I really suck at arena, pls help me !!!11!

A: If you have questions or need tips just write me a mail on wcm, youtube or ingame, i will try to answer everyone. but pls ask specific, i wont answer things like "pls give me tips for my shaman"

Q: Are you going to make a arenamovie with dw?

A: Probably i will, depending on when my 2v2 partner comes back from rl ;)

Special thanks to:

* Butth�d (my brother)
* T�uron and Cypres (3v3 mates)
* My guild Lords of Pelz
* Gorxar (the best enhancer ever and a really nice guy)
* Uzbeki (WCM founder and also a really nice guy).
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