In For A Penny: Part One "On All Eight" by Selserene
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�In For A Penny- Part 1 �On All Eight�� picks up where IFAP: Prologue leaves off. It is the first of a multi-part series which follows Thayle � a man falsely convicted, a fugitive from the law, a gambler who places his bet on the woman who holds the key to both his freedom, and perhaps his heart.

I recommend watching IFAP: Prologue before this one. It has no voice acting, but it introduces the story, showing events before the story in this machinima takes place.

Previous movies:

[In For A Penny: Prologue]

[He Will Redeem Us]

[To The Fairest]

I hope you enjoy!!

[IFAP:P1 was one of three finalists in Dragon*Con's 2008 machinima contest!]

All the music used is listed in the credits. It really is!

[Since so many keep asking about the song she sings - clicking this link will take you to Amazon's music page where you can buy it.
It's by Tori Amos, the song is Mother Revolution.]

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