QQ More: Multiboxing PvP / Raids / Leveling by Vyndree / Jennifer
Class: Multiple | Category: Underground | Server : US - Archimonde ( Stormstrike )
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Multiboxing: The art of playing more than one character at the same time.

My name is Jennifer, aka Vyndree / Velath, and I am a 5-boxer. I multiboxed shaman before they were cool. My boyfriend and I multiboxed karazhan. I am the wow forum defender of all that is multiboxing. GM Belfaire is my homeboy.

This is to all the forum QQ'ers who want to see multiboxing hit the dust. Post in the suggestions forum like you belong.

This is a compilation of all of my previous multiboxing videos, with a few additions. It is literally the life story of my 5-box shammy group. You'll find a plethora of multiboxing-clips in here...

- "Handlebars" by The Flobots

- [PvE] RFK
- [PvE] SM
- [PvE] RFD
- [PvE] ZF
- [PvE] BF
- [PvE] Underbog
- [PvE] CoT: Durn
- [PvP] World PvP
- [Raid] Moroes (feat Suvega)
- [Raid] Maiden (feat Suvega)
- [Raid] Opera: Oz (feat Suvega)
- [PvP] AV (feat Headspin)
- Various blue post quotes and forum troll tears

I _DO_ have additional videos and they _ARE_ longer. Check my other videos or go to www.vboxing.net to find them.

** Don't complain if you're too lazy to download the video. Youtube quality sucks. Use Vimeo or download. **

Links to GM quotes as well as a FAQ are here: http://www.vboxing.net/faq
To get yourself started with multiboxing, check out http://www.dual-boxing.com.
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