Tehseus 2300+ Resto/Warri 2on2 by Tehseus
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Rexxar ( Verderbnis )
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Tehseus's Arena Team 1
Gimo (Bellerophon, Frotz, Milkme) Tehseus
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Hi everybody it�s me again, Tehseus.

After I have released the 3on3 video of my restoshaman, a lot of people told me to upload some 2v2 footage and so I did.
The 2v2 team exists two and a half weeks now, but we managed to break 2300 quiet easily (Current rating 2332).

Some things you may be interested in:

� I play restoshaman with 0/20/41 spec after I figured out manatide is close to useless in 2v2.

� The shaman is actually a twink, he has reached level 70 in the middle of season 3, so he still wears two s1 armour parts.

� It�s my first time playing arena this high with a restoshaman, so don�t bee to harsh, I know I can still improve a lot.

� All fights are recorded between 2250 and 2350 Rating.

� My main character is Tehseus, Retribution Paladin. My next movie will hopefully be �Feel the Justice 3�. Atm I�m studying for my exams, but I think you can expect the vid in one and a half months.

Music list can be found at the end of the movies.

And if you are interested in the tactics, stop the video to read.

Stay smiling :)
Best Greetings

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