Tehseus - 2600 Mage/Ret #1 World + Destro/Ret 2600 by Tehseus
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Destromath ( Blutdurst )
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Less than 2 days left! - Top Skilled 2011

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Hey Everybody

As always I recommend you a download for best quality!

This movie contains 2v2 footage around 2600 rating captured with the combos Ret/Mage and Ret/Warlock.
It includes the original voice chat of the matches.
Now the thing is the vt is german. I thought long about if I should even include it since obviously a large part of the community doesn't speak german but then I came up with the idea of using subtitles.

Before releasing it here I showed the movie to some non german speakers and the feedback was so great that I decided to let the skype in and just try it out :)

When playing we were Rank 1 World with both combos. I know it's not necessarily the greatest achievement considering nobody is playing them anyway but it still sounds cool just so... :D

The Movie has been recorded with Fraps and edited with Sony Vegas. Resolution is 1920x1080.

Song list: Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song/ACDC - It's a long way to the top/Muse - City of Delusion/Jan Delay - Oh Jonny

Also thanks to Uzbeki and Gedan for their support!

Well I really hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did recording and editing!

Also feel free to give me a skill point if you think I deserve one! :)

Best Greetings
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