Tales of the Past III by Martin Falch
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Movie Summary
Hi all,

I am very happy to see that people still enjoy my movies! :)
For those asking/wondering, I unfortunately no longer do movies and will most likely not return to it in the near future.

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Tales of the Past III
Since the death of Yimo and the shattering of the Orb of Visions, the Horde and the Alliance have accepted an unstable peace agreement. However, old hatreds stand in the way of cooperation and at the same time, chaos erupts as the Lich King finally takes action.
In the meanwhile, Blazer travels to Northrend to hunt down Mograine, the Death Knight, and retrieve the legendary blade that may decide the fate of Azeroth � The Ashbringer�

After 1,5 years of production, Tales of the Past III is finally complete. Having spent an average of 3 hours every single day on the movie, there have been times where this whole project was frustrating rather than enjoyable. However, looking back on the whole project, I�m glad that I started and I�m glad that I managed to get through it! Also, having watched the entire movie, I�m really satisfied with the outcome and I hope you feel the same way! Now, since the movie is huge, I hope you�ll take your time to read through the block of text here!

About the download
Some of you might be slightly put off by the huge size and the fact that there is no stream available. Basically the size (2,4 GB) is due to the length rather than bad encoding, so I hope you will understand this - I am aware that the download may take a day or so for some of you, but since the movie has been on its way for 1,5 years, I hope you can wait another day :)
About the stream: it�s my experience that watching a movie on stream will make you watch it once and not really bother to watch it again (and since you�ve watched it once, you�d be reluctant to download it) � Therefore I wanted to remove the temptation of streaming the movie for the first months time. After that I�ll probably add a stream as well :)

The best way to download is through the torrent system, which is heavily supported by Warcraftmovies in the first period. I can suggest http://www.supersoftwaredirect.com/ if you don�t have any software for downloading torrents. Other mirrors will be added quickly after release, but throughout the first time here, it�d be great if you could help seeding the movie!

When watching the movie I can definitely suggest plugging your computer into your TV and watching it on that � it�s a great experience and the quality goes extremely sharp on most TVs! Also, make sure you turn up the volume ;)

Before rating
First of all, when I made this movie, I made it entirely from my own perception of how it should be. As a result of this I�m sure there will be some people disagreeing with some of my choices and have their own opinion on �how it should be� � All I can say is that I can�t make everyone satisfied, but I hope you�ll put things into perspective. Anyway, it seems most people liked the previous movie and I�m quite sure you will like this one as well! :)

There are a few things I�d like to explain, though:

- Length: the movie is 1,5 hours long. Whether this will be seen as positive or negative is up to the individual. Personally I found the length quite fitting and even if some of you find it a bit too long, it�s always possible to skip to your favourite parts when re-watching ;)
- Anime: it seems that the taboo within machinima-making is the use of anime-soundtracks or anime-inspired movie-styles etc. Therefore I might as well reveal now that even though the main inspiration in regards to style and music is the �epic storyline movie� kind of thing, there are parts where I deliberately chose anime-inspired themes/styles since it fit the movie. If you simply hate the use of anything that is anime-related, then I suggest that you skip the movie ;)
- Lore: I�ve chosen to dig deeper into the Warcraft-lore this time and it has been quite interesting to work with. Basically I�ve made sure to do my background work before doing this (reading pretty much all of www.wowwiki.com, Lord of the Clans, Day of the Dragon etc), so I hope no one feels I messed up with this � for the same reason I can suggest checking out the following articles while waiting for the download, since they�ll give you a basic insight into the relevant lore of the movie, thus making it more enjoyable:
- Private server: yes, some parts of the movie couldn�t have been done without a private server. If this is somehow a problem (which I�ve never really understood), then I might as well warn you now. I can safely say, though, that without the use of a private server, the movie wouldn�t be out for another 3-4 months. Also, all of the fun stuff (huge scenes etc) are still made on live servers, since I found this to be the best (and only) way to do it :)

Also, when commenting, please make sure to mark your comment with a spoiler warning if you're discussing the story in some way :)

About myself
There have been a lot of questions along the way regarding what I actually do when I�m not making these movies, so I thought I�d answer the basics:

My name is Martin Falch and I live in Denmark (Aarhus). I currently study economics at the university, play guitar with my band and hang out with my friends and my girlfriend :)

Anyhow, if you happen to have some questions/suggestions/discussions etc, I can suggest that you visit www.talesofthepast.com or the new forum on http://www.madx.dk/machinima/forum/viewforum.php?f=14, where I�ll be happy to answer whenever I have time! :) If you feel like making any kind of donations, then you are of course also welcome to do so on www.talesofthepast.com as well!

Finally, I want to say thanks to all the people that helped out on this project � all the people on Dunemaul EU, all the voice actors and all the other people that have supported the project in some way!

I hope that you�ll enjoy watching the movie as much as I enjoyed making it :)

- Martin Falch

Edit: Snoman wrote a nice little review of the movie already :) If some of you are considering whether to bother downloading it, go ahead and read it: http://snobaste.blogspot.com/2007/12/tales-of-past-iii.html - thanks for the support! :)

Edit3: By the way, Nick Shaw (Blazer) suggested people to "digg" the movie here: http://www.digg.com/pc_games/Tales_of_the_Past_III in order to let more people know about it! Feel free to do so :)

Edit5: Filefront is now up - I suggest using the mirror for downloading rather than streaming - if you wish to stream the movie, search for it on Stage6 :).
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