Ele Shaman PvP(1000+dmg) The Malefic Chronicles: Volume I by Burn
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : US - Alleria ( Rampage )
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Found my old videos on the HD I used to use - the WarcraftMovies stream should be working now.


From the creator of The Master of Pain, Fury of the Gnome, and Modus Operandi, Burn proudly introduces his new Shaman in his first Elemental PVP video.

The stage 6 stream is amazing, I recommend that mirror, only chose filefront if you wish to download the 450mb actual copy of the video.

Hello Internet folk.

Some of you know me as Burn, the gnome rogue. Well I re-rolled a Shaman when the expansion came out and ended up transferring servers to Alleria. I primarily raid Resto, but decided to try out Ele for a few weekends to put this video together.

First let me tell you what this video IS NOT. It is not filled with 5 minute long duels against the uberest player ever who played a (insert class here). While I definitely respect high ranked arena teams, this is not an arena video showing me spam purge and drop totems (However Kolektiv's video was pretty cool and insightful in it's own way). It is also certainly not a world pvp gankfest showing me running around dominating gold farmers in the middle of farming. It is a fast paced BG/Arena PVP video editted to go along with the soundtrack and it is meant to ENTERTAIN. I tried my best like always to keep the vast majority of clips completley free of outside interferece (heals, etc), and I tried not to overdue the flashy effects. And also, don't be dumb, i'm not trying to show that chain lightning crits take skill or anything. I'm only putting things like this in the video soley to entertain, not proclaim skill. Judge my ability on how I handle the tougher oponnents or the 1vX's, not on the zerk'd out crits that just simply drop someone. Please keep this in mind if you care to comment.

For your viewing pleasure, I split up the chapters of the video. For instance, the first part is mostly a crit section, the 3rd is primarily 1v1 or 1vX, and the 2nd is a mix of both. So, if you find 'crit-reelz' to be boring (even though the 1st part has a few nice fights!), you can skip through. I also tried my best to filter out any awfully geared people, and the poorly geared opponents I face in the video only show up in a short clip or a 1vX. I try not to over-play 2-shotting crappy geared players as much as an older video I made (I hope).

~1000 +dmg
30% with bolts/cl (Typo in video)
137 Resilience
Not exactly amazing pvp-gear, only a few elemental arena pieces, but the damage is pretty decent.

The songs I used are a bit less generic then the typical DragonInflamesRhapsodyforcescremo one's so popular these days. A couple may be on the darker side, but i'm sure you'll find the lyrics/themes of the soundtrack to fit perfectly.

I know a lot of people criticize elemental shaman video's, but you have to understand.. I know i'm new to the genre but like.. we only really have a small handful of spells to work with, so keep that in mind if you think it seems repetitive. And if there's something you'd like to see more, or something that I didn't include, something you didn't like, let me know and when I make future video's I'll try to encoporate what people really want to see. .
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