Keytal 3 - Shadowpriest PvP by Keytal
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Daggerspine ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
Hi there!

This is my 3th PvP movie. I know you had to wait for it too long but some things came up what made the progress slower.

I hope you will enjoy the final result and it was worth to wait.


I hve been recording since i hit the level 70 so you will recognize different gears on me and on my opponents aswell. Ihve tried to make an exciting structure for the movie, hopefully you will like it.


As you could experience i always start the movies with a short intro. This time its not as long as in my previous movie since the movie is rather long and didnt want to make it longer with it.

PvP-Part intros:

Really short cinematics about the following parts. You will see 3 of them: Outdoor/Battleground/Duels. I dont want to say too much about them, you will see :)


The recording period was about 4 mouths on the movie so you will see worse and better geared opponents and Keytal. On Daggerspine its rather hard to find outdoor PvP but i think i could capture some nice moments.


Contains WSG, AB, and Arena fights against multiple opponents.


Duels against epic geared and extremly skilled opponents, ihve tried to choose undeads and bloodelfs becouse they got the best racialskills for PvP. All off them are kickass players im totally sure all wow pvpers could fall by their hands.


Usual closing of the movies i wont tell anything else about it.


Ihve tried to choose different type of musics and i think they are really nice ones. You will see the tracklist at the end of the movie.

NOTE: You will recognize some musics from other pvp movies but i hope you wont bother with it. They really fit with the visual content and make the movie more entertaining.

I would like to thank all of the people who helped in the special thx part, was awesome to to edit that great material. Thanks to all pvp ers who got pwned by me and supplied the movie and thanks to all who shown there are a lot more things to learn in PvP for me individually and team wise aswell.

I hope you will enjoy the movie as much as i enjoyed the editing on it.

And a few words to my fellow hungarians:

Sziasztok! Nagyon �r�ltem a j� kommenteknek amit eddig kaptam tőletek, rem�lem ez a movie is tetszeni fog nektek. V�rom a visszajelz�seket, előre is k�sz�n�m! :)

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