War of the Ancients - Main Trailer by Keytal
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Hi Everybody,

it has been a long time since the last trailer we uploaded here. There was a reason why I did not give much sign: We just simply wanted to finish it.

I know it is 4 years in the making but you guys have to know it is only Me, Vaanel and our Voice Actors who made this movie happen. You can imagine that a 2 hours 10 minutes long movie take some time to make when it is only 2 guys doing the actual production.

I would like to thank to everybody who participated in the making and I would like to thank to the people waiting for the ever lasting patience they showed! Now I proudly present our very last trailer and the release date of the movie.

Please help us making the project/movie more popular by letting your friends know about it. (Facebook/Tweeter, Youtube or any other channel you can use)

I really don't want to make this post longer, I just give you the main traier. See you on the release!


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