Kenion - Eviscerape 2 by Kenion
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Korgath ( Vengeance )
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HALLO! The Eviscerape Returns lol. A lot of people asked me to make a second movie, and I had never really planned on making a sequal but here I am. So this is for you guys, this is for you... :D

I tried to make this artistic and break a few "pvp video conventions". This is an edit movie. A lot of editing has gone into it, but I attempted to do it tastefully and not overdo it. It's not exactly a content/skill showcase video. It's a fun to watch, high numbers/editing movie. It's all random world pvp that I've just sorta been collecting and first and foremost the movie is edited to match the pace of the music which ranges from fast to slow. My goal is to entertain you, not claim to be the best rogue evar or anything. Basically, pvp vids aren't made to teach ppl to l2play, especially not mine lol, you just wanna see a badass movie and be entertained. So kick back, dim the lights, grab your favorite paerpcaern, and enjoy! :)

If you have any questions send me a pm or drop a line in-game. I'll be more than happy to answer anyone who took the time to watch something I made.

gl hf

Track List:
Darren Styles - Dropzone (Bonkers Mix)
Aaron Simpson - September 2005 Mix ( free to download
Aaron Simpson - July 2006 Mix ( free to download
The mixes are really long and the names of the songs are listed inside the readme's but I don't know which is what so I just linked the entire mixes
Dj Tatana - All That I Feel (Dj Shog Remix)
Yuzo Koshiro - Ghost In The Resonance (Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune OST)
Audiocrunch - Synitare ( free to download

clicking that Audiocrunch one will probably make your explorer become laughably tiny :) but it works

My Simple UI:
Ace 2
FuBar 2.0 + plugins
Prat 2.0
Scrolling CombatText
WowAce CurseGaming


Other Works:
Eviscerape 1

Donations :)

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