Acrono IX - 70 Premed PvP by Acrono01
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Frostmane ( Misery )
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30 Seconds to Mars - I'll Attack
Within Temptation - What have you done
Spineshank - Synthetic
Immediate Music - Serenata



22.34% crit
80 hit rating

This movie contains high amounts of cooldowns, pots and engineering abuse to overcome 1vM fights. If you are agaisnt this I advise you to not watch. You have been warned.

Edit: due to popular demand


SCT cooldowns

Cooldown Timer

Status Bars

Not sure if supplied links are up to date, but they are the correct names if you want to search elsewhere.

20/03 Edit: All feedback has been welcomed, especially the critiscisms (constructed ones) as that is what helps me make my next. However I appreciate some people have been looking for more longer and challenging fights, but I doubt you will see that many as I find that personally very boring. I prefer to go with what Grim described as the "boom" factor.

Drawn out skillfully fights may be fun to play, just as say, chess is, the guy may be a genious, but Id rather not watch it as a viewer. I will be mixing it up for next time, but it will still follow the non-stop action principal I aim for.


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