Leyla - Endgame Warrior vs Arena 1vs2/3 2vs5 by Leyla
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Kel'Thuzad ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
This movie shows a warrior with naxx euqip and 6,6k hp unbuffed fighting in the arena 1vs2/3, 2vs5 (T3 Paladin as supporter).

Most of the fights are 1vs2 against different class combinations (healer/dd, 2 dds, 2 healers), 1vs3 and 2vs5 are at the end of the movie; pugs with medium equip as well as pre-mades with naxx equip.

Don't be to rude with the rating, its my first movie =)
(The editing was done by a friend of mine)

Download the movie, it is so much more enjoyable than a livestream and it was a lot of work to make, please

Maybe I make a second video when I am lvl 70 with a 35/23/3 built - depends on the ratings and feedback

PS: I fight against 20 mages in the whole video because they are the hardest class to beat as a warrior and there are really tough fights like 2 Palas, 2 Mages ect. all fights are in the arena (Patch 2.0.1).
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