Corrupt - Best Rogue in WOW China by Ming
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : Other - Unknown
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Movie Summary
SPEC: 21822 & 31812 Dagger
GEAR: AQ+Early Naxx

A friend in China asked me to publish this incredible rogue PVP video, featuring Corrupt, the highest rated Rogue in WOW China (and probably one of the best rogues in the world). Nightmare X is his latest work, a compilation of best footages from his very own Nightmare series.

World PVP - Corrupt taking on 3 or more opponents, often at same time. There is a special scene where the hero kills 7 enemies in a row, paying homage to the legendary Shurrik whose work inspired Corrupt (and many other players in CWOW) to create his character in the first place.

1v1 Duels - Corrupt taking on rogue's worst nightmares. Undead Shadow Priest with 5500 health and 500 spell damage. 31 frost mage with 5100 health and grenades. Tier 3 orc hunter. Warlock with 6600 health. Orc warrior with Ashkandi. All of his 1v1 opponents are extremely well geared and skilled. Corrupt demonstrates some truly unique techniques that is rarely seen anywhere else.

Don't miss this video, it is probably the best rogue PVP video I have ever watched, and I have seen them all. It is the rare video that has everything.

Highly recommended by Ming.
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