Hottest Ret NA. WoTLK Classic S7 2.8k Ret/Mutilate by Likeaneedle
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : US - Whisperwind ( Rampage )
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Likeaneedle's Arena Team 1
AntarĂ­s Naeeldeekil
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Wrath didn't go as I thought it would and ret palas became an an endangered species. Despite everything I do not play preg, never have, never will.
Still got some decent queues in ret/mutilate which I wanted to share.

The same as my previous video here is what you can definitely expect:

Dying warriors
Dying ferals
Dying priests
Clutch bubbles
Dispel resists
Hot redhead female blood elf in plate armor
Arenas in the range of 2.5-2.9k MMR

Do not expect:
Preg pala POV
Perfect execution (still not getting any younger)
Crazy editing

The comps you can encounter while watching:
Unholy / Preg
Unholy / Disc
Feral / Disc
Mutilate / Disc
Sub / Disc
Sub / Shadow
Sub / Feral
Sub / Balance
Sub / Ele
Double Dogs
Arms / Resto Druid
Arms / Holy Pala
Arms / Disc
Prot Pala / Resto Shaman
Prot Pala / Disc
Destro / Resto Shaman
Destro / Resto Druid
Frost / Disc
Frost / Shadow
MM / Disc
MM / Preg
MM / Unholy
Enh / Preg

Have a pleasant watching!

Cheers again to everyone who got on camera xD
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