[WotLK] Livion: Destruction Warlock [3.3.5] Old Video by Livion
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Molten Core ( Nightfall )
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[WotLK] Livion: Destruction Warlock [3.3.5] Old Video

Yes, I'm still alive.

I stumbled across this video and decided to share it with you!
I say right away, the video is old - "tear the face", the quality is terrible, the sound and editing are at the same level, I edited and filmed during the time of the actual Lich King. This is, so to speak, a return to the very time when this WoW video format was popular. Immerse yourself in this nostalgia and the world of krinch.

Sincerely, your Livion.

http://vk.com/livioncommunity - Warlock Community!
http://www.twitch.tv/liviontv - My Stream!
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