Willios | Rank 1 Shadow Priest PvP Movie | Shadowlands 9.0 by Willios
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Dalaran ( Cataclysme )
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Hi guys !
Long time on see.

So with the next patch, wotlk classic beta announce and 10.0, i've feel like getting back to WoW and do some old shenanigans.
This video has been in my storage for about a year now and i haven't upload it yet so here i am !
This video is for pure entertainement and heavily inspired by old og pvp movies i still love to this day, wow warcraft movies sub-culture is dope and still rockin 17years later POG.

I was mostly having fun in BG with my main Kul Tiran Priest, because of the shitty Shadowland Meta.
I'll maybe and most likely upload random other stuff in the futur if i feel like it.

Video is edited by XIU, feel free to check his work on WCM and Youtube, he's an insane editor

Hope you guys are doing well and having fun
Credits Song can be found in the video
Take Care

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