Bra | Re-Origin 2 | TBC by BraTheEle
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : US - Tichondrius ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
The second installment in my Re-Origin series. This project was very challenging for multiple reasons but specifically my dead server, long ques, arena partner shortage and the drama with blizzard causing everyone to jump ship has really slowed my progress.

Unfortunately I was unable to record any noteworthy WPvP. However, I think I captured the spirit of TBC despite the setbacks, and am very proud and happy with the overall project.

What to expect:
Elemental Shaman 1vX
BiS Gear + Consumes
An extremely unique item crafted from 375 Armorsmithing
Heavy Editing + Big Energy

Pushing a class to its limits in a chaotic environment ( BGs + Wpvp ) has always been entertaining to me, add in play style, music and editing and you have art. My videos are a modern take on the PvP videos of old that inspired many others and myself. I hope you enjoy.

Special Thanks to the artist who work with me to bring my concepts to life.
Machinima Artist : Kambrio

Digital Painting by : mr.chines

Animation by :Aki
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