Chronicle of the Annoying Quest Episode 6 Remake (WoW Machinima) by Enigma2Me
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I'd greatly appreciate some feedback, either on this website, or on YouTube itself via Likes/Comments. The more you can give, the more I can get a feel for what I did well and what could stand improving.

Original Episode:

Episode 6: With Gnome Mage Deuce along for the Annoying Quest, Guy, Ellers, Kit, Hana and the two swords Eric and James heads towards Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands, to catch a ship bound for Darnassus. But the biggest irritations they encounter aren't just the Dragonmaw Orcs, but each other.

Especially James. Damned iPod Sword Spirit hybrid thing can't keep his mouth shut.

Kit's headaches however, have only just begun, as there is someone from Hana's past lovelife awaiting the group at Menethil: Hana's ex-girlfriend and old

Much like the previous episode, this ended up being a lot more experimental than I expected, partly due to me finding out some useful tools that I couldn't help but try out in Sony Vegas Pro 16. I've also decided to try making the framing more cinematic, hence the black bars and shifting the subtitles there in order to make the main video cleaner.

Here's my Remake of Episode 6 of the popular World of Warcraft (WoW) Machinima Web Series "Chronicle of the Annoying Quest" (CotAQ), created by Baka Savant(s) Productions.
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