Rodog 7 Phase V | Wow Classic Hunter PVP | Herod-US by Rodog
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Emerald Dream ( Shadowburn )
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Movie Summary
1) Another pro trinket by me in this one
2) I have amazing use of barov peasant caller
3) There will probably be a second phase 5 vid and I'll probably start streaming if you're interested.​

Clips are all from throughout phase 5

Music (All music belongs to the artist)

Dance With the Dead - Kick Start my Heart Remix
Metallica - King Nothing
Rob Zombie - Superbeast

Movie clip in second song intro is from the Warcraft movie and belongs to Blizzard.

Software used​
Nvidia Shadow Play

Spec used

After getting the bwl crossbow and gear other than T1 I tested with various specs to see what I liked

20/31/0 - pure pve spec I was low on gold and farming Silithus with it in some clips(was painful)

Gear used

gear progressed from full T1, T2, R7/8 to T2.5
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