Saeyonara 2020 Classic TBC Rogue Arenas by Sbkzor
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Rivah Sbkzor
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Saeyonara 2020
Classic TBC Rogue Mage Arenas (Double POV) on Endless

--------- Disclamer ---------

After a year and a half without playing WoW, I finally came back quickly to record a new video while waiting for TBC Classic to come! I had no unreleased footages left to share and I wanted to bring something new :)
Big shoutouts to my friend Rivah who took time to play with me and provided me with his POVs, even if I was really crap sometimes and made us lose games that we'd never lose back in time.
The characters from this video aren't mine, and I won't play them again. (Read more on YT description)

Played & Edited by me (Sbkzor aka Saeyonara)
Server: 2.4.3
Recorded between June and December 2020, during Season 3
Release Date: 12.14th.2020 (YouTube)
Duration: 13:00
Partner: Rivah

--------- TRACKLIST ---------

1. Stonebank - What are you waiting for (VIP) [Monstercat release]
2. Fransis Derelle & CRaymak - Ember (feat. HVDES) [Monstercat Release]
3. Stonebank - Scared [Monstercat release]
4. OUTRO / Slippy & Danyka Nadeau - Resonate [Monstercat Release]

--------- Other Links ---------
My YouTube

SilentShadows TBC Rogue community
(Website that I released 3 weeks ago)

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