SECRETS OF WoW Classic: TOP 5 Secret Locations by Madburst
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SECRETS OF WoW Classic Top 5 Secret Locations. In this video you’re going to see the top 5 secret locations through Azeroth and Kalimdor. You won’t be seeing the popular secret locations like Hyjal, Karazhan Crypts and so on. Instead you will see the following locations: Badlands Crypt, Shatterspear Troll Village, Stonetalon Logging Camp, Tanaris Underwater Village, Secret Stranglethorn Cave. These are just some of the most hidden locations you can find in World of Warcraft Classic. Because they are outside the beaten path, it does take quite the effort to get there.

Here are the timelines:
Badlands Crypt: 00:47
Shatterspear Troll Village: 01:37
Stonetalon Logging Camp: 02:34
Tanaris Underwater Village: 03:33
Secret Stranglethorn Cave: 04:40

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