Chipman Tribute Classic Paladin PvP Nyhver 6 by Nyhver
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : US - Frostmane ( Reckoning )
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I don't stream much but here's my stream:

A tribute to one of the original classic greats, others including Kirill & Arthus, which may very well be the first recording in pvp of using furbolg to fakecast, Arthus from Bobo 2. Chipman is one of the more well known paladins that deserved recognition because they were a cut, (or more) above the rest. This video includes lots of 1v1s, group fights, some old tricks and some new, cone of cold dodges, I opted not to add more text and explanation with advanced mechanics, (like the fight at 37:40 where I seal of justice then swap to seal of command for x2 damage on stun) because it takes away visually from the video, because I felt I did enough of that type of stuff in my previous video, and anyone who was paying close enough attention should be able to figure it out, still more, I'm not good at editing to begin with so nothing really looks right.

A morph/visual transmog was used in some of these clips which is the character model change & Zin'rokh. Much of this old footage suffered from reasons of the last video, (Insane paladin frags) I caught the blurry grainy footage recording problem too late.

You are free to use any of my footage/videos.
Encoded as; libx264 5M bitrate 0BF

Joe Satriani - Crowd Chant
Plini - Selenium Forest
Bucket Head - Stretching Lighthouse
Bucket Head - Sail on Soothsayer
Bucket Head - Footsteps
Bucket Head - Soothsayer
Bucket Head - Passageway 5
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