Classic WoW: GET READY FOR PHASE 4 - GUIDE by Madburst
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Classic WoW: GET READY FOR PHASE 4. Prepare yourself and your guild to down Hakkar the Soulflayer. Phase 4 releases in April in the following order: Arathi Basin on 10th of March 2020 followed by Zul’Gurub and Dragons of Nightmare in April 2020. This video is a Classic WoW Guide. It will show you a top-down view of the content being released in Phase 4. You will be guided through Zul’Gurub dungeon, the considerable changes and loot and what you should expect from it. You will also see Arathi Basin and the PvP implications of the new battleground system. The Dragons of Nightmare will arrive in Phase 4 and you will see their spawn locations and their loot tables.

Here are the timelines:
Zul’Gurub: 00:58
Arathi Basin: 06:10
Dragons of Nightmare: 07:40

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