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Homerjay's Arena Team 1
Capsizer/Cartoonbaby/Shyxy/Priestgodqt/Pontus Homerjay
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Download link: http://www.stepload.de/uploads/a5GHfJgg@ItAcb7QfMOGDqdXK7GoCAwer9E/

Disclaimer: This movie was uploaded half a year ago to youtube yet taken down. I originally also wanted to upload it here asap but the upload limit is 2gb. My movie is 2.8 gb though. I now downloaded the file from youtube, the quality is inferior to the original file but it's the best I have for now and add it due to popular demand. Hopy you enjoy :)

Hello folks,

after a creative break (not really) of two years I am "back" with my latest movie. A movie, and that is the outstanding part of it, not consisting of twitch vods!

As mentioned in the description of my last video this installment includes not just wotlk yet also a little bit of bfa. I originally planned to have 2 parts wotlk to 1 part bfa. It ended up being 10 - 15% bfa footage. This has 2 reasons.
Firstly I just didn't play bfa that much. I came a fair bit late to the first season of bfa, had then to gear up n find some mates to grind raiting. After 2 faction changes i found 2 french people via LFG. Forsylvanas n Bamby and played Thug Cleave with them for roughly 6 to 8 weeks to 3.1k raiting (around 3.2k mmr). At the start of 8.1, before the season even ended, I already had enough of it bfa n went back to wotlk.
Secondly the footage (at least from my pov) is just not as entertaining to watch as the wotlk footage. You will notice that i quite frequently do micro plays in my wotlk footage to have the edge over my opponents. In basically every clip I have something to emphasize. That is just not the case in bfa for me. The gameplay n opportunities for hunters have been trimmed dramatically for hunters since wotlk. For example the usage of your defensive cd deterrence (now aspect of the turtle). In wotlk you can use it here n there to avoid a cc n gain momentum. Especially with readiness still in the game you can do some cool stuff with it. In bfa aspect of the turtle has 3 min cd and in most cases it's way too valuable to be used for some cc. Similarely with the sw:d of priests. In wotlk i could prevent the sw:d by outranging, silencing the priest or deterring it. None of that is possible anymore. While I have 90 keybindings in wotlk I have 60 in bfa. While you have 30 different pet abilities in wotlk you have 3 standardised ones in bfa for all pets. While you had this little mini game of taking a grounding totem with growl before your trap lands in wotlk it is now impossible to do that due the changed mechanic of grounding totem.
The list could be extended for quite a while but I'll stop here before getting spammed with CoolStoryBob :D

All the wotlk games were played on the server Blackrock (ex Arena Tournament) that belongs to Warmane. For a while now we have all possible gear available (including Shadowmourne) + crossrealm (with the two other wotlk realms Icecrown and Lordaeron). That brought a refreshing new 3s activity with it.

Combat log fixer
Diminishing Returns
Interrupt Bar
Party Ability Bars
Power Auras Classic
Spell Alerter
Tidy Plates: Clean Plates

About Her - Malcolm Mclaren
Let Me Go (feat. Marcus Bently) - Kaskade (Fire & Ice 2011)
Justice - We Are Your Friends
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Dull Life
Crystal Castles - Black Panther

With the rapid decline of movie releases in general thanks to live streaming (not an entirely bad development from my pov) I don't know if I'll even make another movie. But then again maybe I will since my movies are not much more than clustering some clips together and underlying them with music :D
I spent around 10h on editing this one.
If you want to watch me live check out twitch.tv/homerjayoriginal
I am not that frequently streaming but sometimes I am.
I will certainly play classic but not much more than the leveling process. Reason being that I am not too fond of the gameplay of classic wow. Too grindy n simple. I would certainly play Blizzard's wotlk legacy servers though ;)

Hope you enjoy the movie!

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